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  1. George agnew

    Dear Sir,

    I am interested in learning how to trade binary options and also have
    someone make sense of all the noise out there regarding BO. I have
    appreciated your reviews on YouTube and you seem to be in the know.
    Another person I have been following is Keith at and he
    just referenced you and how he was going to use your service. This
    prompted me to take action and see what you have to offer. You mentioned
    using Skype but I am unsure how that works. I just got an account but I
    am in California, USA and I believe you are in the UK. What time frame
    are you available to answer questions? I am considering using Neo 2 or
    Ice 9. Do you prefer one over the other? Also you mentioned a service to
    teach people how to trade. Could you give me the cost of that service.I
    sincerely appreciate your time to answer these question.

    George Agnew

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