Alderley Code Review

Alderley Code Scam

This product has some high value production and slick actors and camera work. I say actors because Grant Alderley isn’t a real person. I can prove this by taking apart this scam for you and showing you examples of the same scam being recycled over and over again with a new name and a fancy video.

Alderley Code Logo
First of all the annoying thing is, you cant stop the video from playing but that’s not the only issue with the video. The guy playing Grant Alderley sets up a “live” phone call with one of his new “users”. This is so scripted its not even funny. Also he dials a number that doesn’t answer, and makes all these awkward faces to make you think that its an unplanned mistake. Trust me its all part of the plan. The next person he phones “Christopher” just happens to have the software open in front of him. How very convenient…


Disrupt Trading Review

Disrupt Trading Scam

This scam has already had its first major problem. Youtube have disabled their account so the videos on the site don’t work. I’m glad as at least people wont be scammed by these horrible people now. And trust me it’s a scam and one that was very easy to spot. There are so many reasons why Disrupt Trading fails the scam test…

disrupt trading is a scam

Again we are met with wild claims that don’t add up. The numbers they are talking about are just so unrealistic that its almost comedy. Whoever came up with this scam is very stupid.


Hoffman Stein Scam Video Review

Hoffman Stein Review

Hoffman Stein Scam Review

Hoffman Stein is another bad scam that I have taken down by simply looking for the obvious signs.

Hoffman Stein is a scam

First of all, the claims that these jokers make are just ridiculous. How the hell can anyone guarantee that you will make over half a million dollars in only a week? I can tell you with one hundred percent certainty that nobody can offer that guarantee. If you believe the hype, you will lose your money.

Another Shoddy Scam

Secondly, there is the shady name Hoffman Stein Captial. Its not a real company and anyone who is clever enough to type it into google will see straight away that it’s a completely made up company. Nothing good can come from these arseholes, they are lying at every turn.


GPS Trader Scam

GPS Trader Scam

GPS Trader Logo

Following a long conversation with some very unhappy people on my Skype channel, I have been asked to look into a product called GPS Trader. This product is catching people unaware and I have at least 3 verified users who have lost money using it. Today I will look into the issues surrounding GPS Trader and prove to you that it is a SCAM.

Not many of the favoured tricks on the front page to call it a blatant scam, but if you look hard enough, they are there.

GPS Trader Website

First of all, they use Geo Location to check your browser IP address, and then use it in all of their text to make you think the offer is only available in your country. This is an old trick and is being used more and more these days.


98 Success Review

98 Success Scam

98 success scam
98 Success is a product that number of people have asked me to review. I got about 12 messages on Whatsapp on the weekend from Youtube subscribers asking me to take a look. They have all been mass-spammed about this product and I had to do some investigation to see if 98 success lives up to its bold claims.

98 success exposed

Again there are the usual quality and antivirus seals to trick you into thinking that something is secure, when in actual fact these images are bogus and just there to trick you.


Money Glitch

Money Glitch Review

Money Glitch Scam

The Money Glitch is a worrying 2 part scam. The lengths that some people will go to in order to rip you off is staggering. First of all we have every trick in the scam playbook thrown into the mix.

Money Glitch Scam

There are repeated countdown timers warning you that there is only so much time before the offer expires. Then you get into the issue of slapping loads of fake security seals around the site to give the impression that they are verified by major anti-virus and internet security companies. These are not real seals and just another attempt to rob you of your hard earned cash.


Million Dollar Challenge

Million Dollar Challenge Review

Million Dollar Challenge Scam

Million Dollar Challenge is another scam that was pretty easy to figure out. They utilise some of the oldest tricks in the book and do them badly to be honest.

million dollar challenge fake
First off, we have the tired old methods with Geo-Targeted text and information to make you feel like the invite has only been sent to you. Trust me, it hasn’t. This crap has been spammed all over the world to millions of people. When a website says “only available in (insert your country here)” then you know there is something dodgy going on. Why would a company looking for investment limit itself to just one country. There is absolutely no reason for it, which gives real reason to doubt their integrity.


Hedge Formula

Hedge Formula Review

Hedge Formula Scam

Another slick looking site, with a very easy to miss trick up its sleeve. You get a personalised video with your country mentioned specifically and told that its only available for your country. They do this using your IP address location. It uses some very clever multiple videos which are all tailored specifically for your own country so not only does the site display your country as the only available location, but the video also mentions your country alone. I changed my IP address and reloaded the page and I managed to go from a video saying the UK was the only area it was available to the same page with a video stating that the USA is the only location that its available. Clever stuff, but a massive lie and proof that Hedge Formula is a total scam.


Globe Traders

Globe Traders Review

Globe Traders Scam Review

globe traders review

Yes, its another scam, more private jets, sports cars and lies… Also it claims that Globe Traders is a registered company. And guess what? I cant find a single thing on the internet about ANY company called Globe Traders. If you are going to lie, at least make it so people cant Google you to check out your bullshit. Any product that cites a real company can be classed as fairly legitimate. Any product that cites a company that doesn’t exist? Well thats where the scam starts to show. My scam alarm bells are ringing at this point in a major way!



The Referral Project Review

Referral Project Scam Review

referral project is a scam
Well its scam time again unfortunately. This product uses just about every scam cliché in the book. Fast cars, mansions, holidays, private jets. You name it. Its a sure sign that something is a blatant scam when they have to resort to all these annoying efforts. Seeing other people with money creates a reaction of jealousy which the scammers play on to make you want what they claim to have.

Then you get the favoured number of slots available bullshit. This is total crap and is designed to scare you into signing up before the slots are all gone. Not one time have I ever been to a site with one of those countdowns, where it has ever reached zero and stopped me signing up. Don’t fool for this trick, its so dumb. False scarcity is a trick that is used by scammers to make you react without thinking, the countdown creates stress which causes you to make rash decisions that you will definitely regret later on. The Referral Project does this in a number of ways to boost your stress levels to the maxmimum so you fall for their lies.